River Trent - 1 x 630mm pipe 240metre in length shot pulled in at Newark.
Betchworth Railway - 2 x 355mm tunnel with 2 x 180mm duct pulled inside. This was pulled in under a live railway with 24hr continuous track monitoring during drilling operations. One shot length was 148 metres and the other was 170 metres.
Upton Park - 4 x 180mm, 280 metres in length pulled in under the River Nene. 2 shots of 4 x 180mm ducts pulled in under Upton Parklands of 280 metres and 120 metres.

Midsummers Meadow - 3 x 600mm tunnels, 2 tunnels containing 1 x 250mm, 1 x180mm and 1 x125mm, and a third tunnel containing 4 x 180mm ducts each tunnel being 180 metres in length.


Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions - 2 tunnels each consisting of 1 x 450mm duct 280 metres in length under A120 at Colchester.

Also 1 x 225mm and 1 x 63mm shots pulled in under the A1 at Chawston, Black Cat roundabout whilst the Highways Agency was monitoring the Highway.

Laing O’ Rourke -1 tunnel containing 2 x 125mm pipe pulled in under the M1 at Catthorpe Interchange 125metres in length.


Lewis Civil Engineering - 3 tunnels each containing 1 x 450mm pipe in 70 metres shots under the river Tarrant at Keyneston.


Western Power Distribution - Multi pull 1 tunnel with 3 x 180mm & 4 x 125mm ducts pulled in a 210metre shot under the A45 Roundabout at Irthlingborough.


Under the River Nene, multi pull in 2 tunnels each consisting of 3 x 180mm & 7 x 125mm ducts. in each pulled in 120 metre shots under the River Nene at Irthlingborough.


Multi pull in 1 tunnel containing 7 x 125mm ducts x 150 metres pulled in under The Bailey Bridge at Irthlingborough.


Multi pull in 1 tunnel containing 3 x 180mm + 3 x 125mm ducts x 210 metres under the roundabout at A45 Irthlingborough.


Plus many more kilometres of pipework throughout the UK for our customers in association with Anglian Water, Severn Trent Water, Wessex Water, Western Power Distribution and Network Rail to name but a few. We have drilled under major roads, roundabouts and slipways under the M1, M6, M25, A14, A6 and A1. Also under a variety of rivers: Yare, Nene, Ouse, Tarrant, Severn and Trent, Hippa and the Thames.

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